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The new Dream Football presented at the Web Summit by founders Luís Figo and João Guerra

Today, Luís Figo and João Guerra, founders of Dream Football are launching the new 360º platform at the Web Summit. The platform includes two mobile apps (Android and iOS) and Website, working together with the Club’s ecosystem. The mobile apps provide unique help for real time recording, editing and uploading from a mobile phone at the moment of play, saving hours of work and taking the recording capacity to the majority of people. On a weekly basis, former Portuguese international will be evaluating the 10 most viewed videos online and Luís Figo will give a second opinion, evaluating the top 3 for a second time. Clubs from all over the world are aligned to check out the videos and the evaluations regularly, aiming to scout for the next big talents in the world. In Luís Figo’s words “we expect to move the scouting system to a new level where no talent shall be left behind”